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SimplyWork Touchless Time Clock

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

SimplyWork Touchless Time Clocks and how they work

Predictable Punching in SimplyWork follows the schedule of an employee and the sequence of their punches. These automated punches will occur when the worker accesses the clock in one of the three touchless configurations listed.

Touchless Configurations

1. Proximity Cards are swiped past the proximity card reader located behind the face of the time clock identifying a specific user and automatically clocking them in using a predicted punch.

2. Proximity Card with Facial Biometric adds an additional layer of security on the Proximity card. The Proximity card will bring the clock to life while the facial biometric will identify the user and trigger the predicted punch.

3. Presence Sensor with Facial Biometric automatically identifies that someone is present then takes a picture utilizing a facial biometric and capture of a predicted punch.

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