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Communication Breakdown!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

At SimplyWork we believe that the most valuable solution to all workforces is communication. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do if things are not communicated correctly, often and in good manner the point may not get across. If the point doesn’t get across then what is the point?

It is a two-way street of communication. Let me break it all down for you. Confusion leads to uncertainty which breaks down to unhappiness and then turnover as it relates to workforces. We are in a world of information and your workforces want to know the details about their work. In turn you as a manager or business owner have information you want to know about your workforce.

Sometimes the frustration with not being able to discuss something directly with a manager is so much so that the employee just doesn’t. This never ends well. You and your workforce will have questions and at times will have confusion but with answers readily available reactions will be positive. We at SimplyWork believe that the need for better communication and less confusion is eminent. An app giving employees direct messaging capability to their manager provides them the one on one easy communication every employee would like to have. Also their own audit trail from what was said. For the business as well. Again a two way street of communication!

Online Scheduling is definitely another communication topic. With new fair (predictive) scheduling laws in place there almost isn’t room to not have a online scheduling solution. Your workforce should be able too easily communicate their availability and leave requests a month in advance of the schedule being created. In-Turn managers need to Communicate schedules to their workforce weeks before their schedule starts providing ample amount of time for them to adjust for it and also adjust their schedule if necessary.

The reliance is on compliance when managing your workforce therefore once a workforce is punching in for a shift it is crucial that managers know this, important messages get to employees, the employee clocking in is who they say they are, they are clocking in at the right time, in the right department and have the right credentials. For the right reasons and at the right times managers should receive notifications for triggered events in the system like an exception or no-show. Administration should receive communication via reports delivered to them automatically when they need them.

We all know the power of communication. And there is good communication and bad communication. Sometimes locking down how much communication and what type of communication inside your workforce app may be a good way of going about it. Canned messages could be the best route to go for your business while your workforce messages through the app.

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